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On The Issues


The Federal Reserve printing money in order to finance debt is the root cause of the massive inflation and cost of living spike we are seeing right now. Taxes are too high. Spending is out of control. And the solution that the far-left in Congress continues to offer is more taxes and more spending financed by more government debt! This recklessness will drive America to ruin. Democrat’s ideas are bad, and now we can see directly that unchecked one-party rule offers no fiscal accountability, and has put the United States near an inflationary death spiral that must be stopped.


As a proud father to 7 amazing children, providing a world-class education remains among the most important priorities for me as a legislator and parent. Sadly, the public education system is failing our children and we have let liberal teacher’s unions and bureaucrats turn our tax dollars and our children into tools for control. Well, I say no more. I believe parents are in control of their child’s education, and they should be empowered to remove their kids from failing schools. In California, only 10% of Black and 15% of Hispanic students are proficient or better, in mathematics due to liberal policies that prioritize empowering the teacher’s unions, who care more about money and membership, than learning. We must end the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools – which promulgates victimhood in children of color, and divides our children up along racial lines. It has proven to sow division, create chaos, and is going to build a weak, entitled generation of children. As a father of 7, I teach my children that there is no room for excuses in life. Our education system is in bad need of accountability, and in Congress, I will bring much needed oversight to our public schools.


I 100% support our police, and 100% OPPOSE the “defund the police” movement. We must DEFEND, not defund our police. The smash and grabs, the rampant homelessness, the drugs, eradicating cash bail, weak sentencing guidelines, and the District Attorneys who look the other way – these are all the far-left’s attempts to decriminalize violence, looting, thefts, robberies, and other serious crimes. We must stand up to these dangerous ideas. I support our police, enforcing the law, and putting dangerous criminals in jail where they belong.


A nation without secure borders is no nation at all. We must secure our borders aggressively – by finishing President Trump’s wall and fully funding Immigrations and Customs Enforcement before anything else is done regarding the bad immigration policies in America. Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress WANT a border crisis. They do not agree with our current immigration laws, so they undermine them and think we do not notice. Meanwhile, drugs flow into the country, fentanyl floods our streets, and violent street gangs go largely unchecked. Lawlessness has become commonplace in some border towns, and the Biden administration is flying single male illegal immigrants to cities all across America and setting them free! In Congress, my priority will be to first secure our border, and second, crack down on the illegal gang and drug activities that stem from bad border policies.


As a combat Marine who served two tours in Iraq, I know what strong leadership on the world stage looks like. I believe firmly in an America First foreign policy agenda. President Joe Biden’s weakness has put us all at great risk. No one is arguing for endless wars, but the way in which we withdrew from Afghanistan shed a light on the incompetence of our current leadership in the White House. We left citizens and allies behind, and we gave our enemies, the Taliban, billions of dollars of taxpayer funded military equipment. Our botched pullout in Afghanistan likely emboldened our enemies in Russia and China to take further advantage of us.

True leadership on the world stage is only achieved through strength. When other countries hear what we say, they must know we mean to follow through. I oppose any sort of “nuclear deal” with Iran. I believe Israel must be protected. And I believe Putin’s Russia is running roughshod over our country now that Biden is in charge – they see America as weak and inept. The Democrat’s foreign policy is built on weakness. As a combat Marine, that makes me sick to my stomach to see the horrors and tragedy taking place in Ukraine. Putin is a KGB thug who has started an unprovoked war. I fully support aggressive sanctions on Putin, I support removing Russia from all international monetary systems to weaken their economy, and I believe our country must stop buying Russian oil and natural gas immediately.


A few short years ago, America was a net exporter of American oil and gas. We produced more than enough domestic energy here at home that we did not rely on the cartels of the Middle East, or Putin’s Russia, to keep our lights on and our cars running. Sadly, that has changed because of the far-left’s climate policies, and we have shut down much of our energy production. America is once again importing oil and gas from Russia – effectively funding their economy and wars. Energy Independence makes us stronger on the world stage. Russia’s power over Europe lies in its pipeline production. In order for us to be a strong leader once again, we must increase our domestic energy production – that includes drilling on federal lands, safe fracking, and opening up the Keystone XL Pipeline.


People need to feel like their vote matters, and their vote counts. But it is true that many voters felt marginalized in the last election – and it seemed that those in power were changing the rules regarding voting up until the last minute. That is why I oppose federalizing elections. And it is also why I support Voter ID laws, so we cut down on fraud. I believe we should push for a return to more and better in-person voting. Voting is vital to our democracy – why not make Election Day a national holiday? In Congress, I will support laws and policies that make it Easier to Vote and Harder to Cheat.


China is to blame for the COVID-19 epidemic. The evidence is indisputable. But up until a few months ago, Democrats and their allies in the media were calling to cancel anyone who spoke that truth. The stranglehold that China’s misinformation has on our country must be stopped. China’s strength lies in its hold over America’s supply chain, and its influence over American academia that argues that Communism is no more evil than American capitalism. We must stand up to China, whether through aggressive trade tactics, or encouraging more manufacturing here at home, or calling out their evil genocide of the Uyghurs. The hypocrisy and horrors of the Communist Chinese government must be exposed, called out, and fought against.


We will look back on the two years of the pandemic as an abject failure of learning and growth for our children. It didn’t have to be this way. As an Oceanside City Councilman, I was the first elected official in San Diego County to call for reopening our schools, businesses, and places of worship. I pushed back aggressively against Governor Newsom’s lockdowns that nearly destroyed our local economy. I called for common sense policies for all businesses to follow so they could open up and get our community back to work. I 100% oppose vaccine mandates or vaccine passport type legislation. Our government acted in a tyrannical way under the guise of protecting its citizens. We must never let that happen again, because the tyranny will only grow under the next so-called emergency. In Congress, I will fight to protect our basic rights, even during times of fear and uncertainty.


I believe that climate change is real and humans impact our environment. But there is a lot we need to learn about the impact. As a small business owner and farmer, my livelihood is directly dependent on the environment. Solutions to combat climate change need to be done in a smart way that doesn’t devastate our economy, like the Green New Deal. We shouldn’t be asked to solve a global problem by ourselves; my focus is not helping foreign countries, or activists, or special interests. Because when we hamstring America’s development, we give rise to the thugs of the world to take our place.

China is the world’s biggest polluter by far, Russia and India are not far behind. If America fulfills all of its climate promises, we will barely put a dent in greenhouse gas emissions. This is because the world’s biggest polluters are doing nothing to address global climate change. We need to keep in mind that conservatives, particularly Republicans, have always been leaders in conservation – Teddy Roosevelt was instrumental in the growth of America’s national parks system, and Richard Nixon led the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency.


The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Disinformation Governance Board is a foolish mistake, and I fully oppose its creation and would seek to defund and dismantle it immediately when I get to Congress. Regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat administration is running a Disinformation Board, it’s unhealthy for our democracy for the government to be the arbiters of truth. Silencing critics is what authoritarians do, and I fully oppose that sort of action from our government. The democratizing of information via social media has, of course, led to many bad actors. But chief among those bad actors has been our government. Our government has been wrong often and both parties shoulder the blame. But recently, the Biden Administration has spread information on very important subjects that we now know to be false. For example, we were told that you could not contract or spread COVID-19 if you were fully vaccinated. We were told that inflation would come down in January, and not keep rising. We were told by the now head of the Disinformation Governance Board – that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a dangerous Russian plant and not to be believed. The list goes on. A healthy democracy must allow for dissent, it must allow for speech – even speech that the government is uncomfortable.


As a father of 7, I understand the importance of having reliable, affordable, access to health insurance and high quality medical care. In this country, despite all the costs, we have the best healthcare in the world. We should do everything in our power to preserve America as the last best place on earth – and that includes protecting our healthcare system from socialist intervention. I do not support a single payer system. This approach would bankrupt our country in new taxes and massive debt. It would lead to rationed care, long wait times, and lower pay for Doctors and Healthcare professionals, which in turn would incentivize fewer people to enter the healthcare industry. True reforms involve price transparency – we must connect people more closely to the costs associated with their healthcare, because only then will we be able to bring costs down. One-size-fits all approaches, never work and in Congress I’ll fight for decentralized solutions to healthcare. I fully support keeping pre-existing conditions covered, and believe there are market based solutions to assist in that approach too.


Our state has wasted untold billions of dollars on homelessness with little to no results. That’s because we have not focused on the root causes of homelessness, which is drug addiction and crime, thanks to soft on crime policies of liberal District Attorneys and Gavin Newsom. When drugs are easy to get, and punishment for crimes are not enforced, the cycle of homelessness, addiction, and dependency on government will only grow regardless of how much money is spent. In Oceanside, I have worked to address the homelessness crisis plaguing our city. On the City Council, I authored the city’s policy on the creation of a homeless work program in 2019, authored policy on the creation of emergency measures for a “Hybrid” hotel voucher program providing tools for Oceanside’s Homeless outreach team to productively clear illegal homeless encampments by offering vouchers in an effort to meet federal court requirements of requirements of cities having shelter beds in 2021, and led policy direction on prioritizing creation of an emergency homeless shelter and community engagement to have a private non profit operate at no cost to taxpayers.


Israel is our most important ally in the Middle East. The only true Democracy in the region. America’s strongest partner in the fight against terrorism. I will always stand with Israel. And I will never side with foolish Democrats in Congress who have consistently picked the side of Hezbollah and terrorism, against our allies and friends. It is the Democrats and Woke Academics that have fueled the rise of antisemitism in America through their actions and constant defending of terrorist acts against Israel.


As the father of 7, I AM 100% PRO-LIFE. I will not equivocate on this issue. Anyone who has seen an ultrasound knows that the science is settled on life. In Congress, I will fight for and support legislation and policies that advance the cause of life. Our goal must be to continue to reduce the number of abortions in America, and provide alternatives to abortion such as adoption.


I am 100% PRO Second Amendment. I do not believe that our government should be the only one with arms in this country. If we give up our ability to defend ourselves, we give up our freedom. I will never stop fighting for these rights. Proud to be recognized as Elected Official of the Year 2021 by San Diego County Gun Owners.


The rally on January 6th that resulted in an illegal march on the Capitol was a tragic event, and Republicans and Democrats have rightly disavowed what happened on that day. In a democracy, we make changes not through violence or threats, but through the voting booth. I believe that those who stormed the Capitol were wrong. But it is also important to note that the far-left is using the mistakes of that day by a small group of people to run a partisan witch hunt and increase surveillance on everyday Americans. Neither party should use the tragedy of January 6th for partisan gain.