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Meet Christopher

Nothing was ever handed to Christopher in life, but his “no excuses” attitude drove him to not only overcome poverty, violence, and loss but forged him into a loving family man, successful business leader and decorated combat Marine in service to our country and local community. See Christopher’s journey here.

Growing Up

Christopher’s childhood was tumultuous. Christopher’s Father was a member of a notorious street gang in Chicago and would bring the horrors of street life home. Christopher’s Father was an active drug user and would often come home and physically abuse Christopher’s Mother, sometimes to the point of sending her to the emergency room. Christopher’s Mother found the courage to flee to a women’s shelter to start over and build a better life for Christopher and his little sister. Christopher’s mother eventually remarried a great man who was a mechanic and the first Marine Christopher met, Christopher’s step father planted a seed of what a Marine was like that one day would flourish.

Christopher grew up fast, especially after becoming a teenage Dad. He was determined to give his daughter a better life and worked hard to graduate high school early in order to earn a living to provide for his young family.

Joining the Marines

When Christopher saw what happened to our country on 9/11, he answered the call of service and stepped up to fight for our country as a United States Marine.

Christopher served two combat tours in Iraq – he was among the first marines to push into Baghdad at the start of the war. During his second tour in Fallujah attached to 2nd Battalion, First Marines, Christopher sustained injuries when a rocket-propelled grenade hit his platoon. Sergeant Rodriguez was awarded the Purple Heart, but was unable to return to combat warfare due to his injuries.

Christopher has tattooed on his arm the names of the 3 Marines from his platoon who died in combat, 2 in his arms. Christopher works every day to honor their memory and the ultimate sacrifice they made for this country.

Returning to the U.S.

Returning to California after his military service, Christopher entered the real estate business. He learned quickly, opened his own office, and was recognized as one of the top Hispanic Realtors in the nation. Through success in real estate, his family settled down and purchased a farm in South Morro Hills which he manages with his wife, Sarah. They grow guava, passion fruit, avocados, and coffee which they sell locally under the Rodriguez Family Farms brand.

Christopher also fights for his community serving as an Oceanside City Council Member where he has pushed for lower taxes, job creation and common-sense solutions to fix the homeless crisis plaguing California cities.

The Rodriguez family is a busy household with Christopher and his wife Sarah, 7 kids, 4 dogs, and a pot-bellied pig named Bacon. A man of faith, he credits all success to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christopher teaches his sons that Men Make Plans, Boys Make Excuses. He lives every day with a “No Excuses” mindset, and he will bring that same level of intensity, optimistic vision, work ethic, and heart for service to the halls of Congress.

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